This is the story of clouds.

Once upon a merry time, when the sky was bright and clear.

There came some clouds dark endowed and no one shed a tear.

I have always been fascinated with clouds. I can’t stop looking at them. Most of the time I want to eat them because they remind me of candyfloss. The thing that strikes me most is the way clouds shift and change. They morph and meld and melt.

And now for…more clouds. Fluffy clouds. Big ones. Luscious clouds.  Some have been colour corrected.

And the skies always had clouds…they were beautiful…purple and red and on fire…the clouds would catch the colours of the sky.

loooong cloud.

loooong cloud again.

And so this is the end of this page but not the posts. Check out the posts for more transmogrification.

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