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Lesson 789: Disemvowelled Shakepeare

1.T b, r nt t b: tht s th qstn?

2.t s tl, tld by n dt

Fll of snd nd fry: sgnfyng nthng

3. Cry “Hvc!” nd lt slp th dgs of wr.

4. Frnds, Rmns, cntrymn; lnd m yr rs.

5. t t dmnd spt! t … sy.

6. Gt th t … nnnry.

7. ll th wrld’s … stg.

8. By th prckng f my thmbs,

Smthng wckd ths wy cms.

9. Smthg s rttn n th stt f Dnmrk

10. t t brt!.