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More Internet memes we had to check out


1. Ain’t nobody got time for that! And the Autotune remix. There’s a song by T.I. (the rapper) called Here I go which uses the line.









2. Gangnam style — it is what it is.







3. The Sun Coast Skate and the original Harlem Shake meme. Check out all the other homages online.










Everyone loves Maru

Internet memes we like

An Internet meme (rhymes with cream) is an idea or concept that spreads across the ‘net like a virus. While all Internet memes go viral not all viral campaigns are Internet memes.

Here’s a list of some of our favourites:

1. All your base are belong to us – This was badly translated from Japanese. It came from the opening scene of the Mega Drive version of Zero Wing. The phrase was turned into a flash animation and it’s long road to success began.

2. I can has cheeseburger – lolcats are  photos of cats with a funny caption in lolspeak. Here is the original lolcat.


i-can-has-cheezburger lolcat

3. You’ve been Rick roll’d.

Rick rolling is a meme that tricks users into clicking a disguised link which turns out to be the Rick Astley vid “Never gonna give you up”. If you fall for the trick, then you’ve been Rick Roll’d.

4. Leeroy Jenkins: Just watch the vid and you’ll understand.


1. Chuck Norris jokes –

2.  Literal Videos –


4. Dramatic chipmunk –

For a more complete list, check out

Links we like

1. : Cats are cool. Cats rule!

2. : origami galore.

3. Very very silly songs:

Fantastic art

1. – projectors turn building into moving art. Fantastic!

2. – optical illusions

Vids I liked

Some vids we enjoyed:

1. : For cat lovers

2. : For Facebook users

3. : For David Tennant and Catherine Tate fans

4. : For Resident Evil fans

5. : For They Might Be Giants fans and science geeks

6. : For science geeks

Axis of Awesome: 4-chord song

A vid of Axis of Awesome performing most 4-chords hits. Very cool.