Lesson 254: 15 english poems disemvowelled.

Can you guess the poems and the poets?

I have left smaller words in to make things more readable.

1. My mstrss’ ys are nthng lk th sn;

Crl is fr mr rd thn hr lps’ rd:

2.Whn to th sssons of swt slnt thght

I smmn up rmmbrncs of thngs pst,

3. Le me nt to th mrrg of tr mnds

dmt mpdmnts.

4. Shll I cmpr th to a smmr’s dy?

Th art mr lvly nd mr tmprt:

5. Gthr ye Rsbds whl ye my,

ld Tm is stll a-flyng:

6. In Xanadu did Kubla Khan

A stately pleasure-dome decree:

7. Th sea is clm to-nght.

Th td is fll, th mn ls fr

8. Trnng and trnng in th wdnng gyr

Th flcn cnnt hr th flcnr;

9. Smthng thr is tht dsn’t lv a wll,

Tht snds the frzn-grund-swll ndr it,

10. i thnk Yu Gd for mst ths mzng

dy:for the lpng grly sprts of trs

11. Do nt go gntl nt tht gd nght,

ld age shuld brn and rv at cls of dy;

12. The pprton of ths fcs in th crwd;

Ptls on a wt, blck bugh.

13. As cl as th pl wt lvs

of lly-of-th-vlly

Sh ly bsd me in th dwn.

14. Chldrn, if yu dr to thnk

Of th grtnss, rrnss, mchnss,

15. ‘A cld cmng we hd of it,

Jst th wrst tm of th yr

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